Welcome to mg to mcg, our article explaining the milligrams to micrograms conversion. If you have been googling for how many mcg in a mg or mg in mcg, then you have definitively come to the right place. Using the SI unit symbols, milligrams are abbreviated as mg, and micrograms, using the official symbol, is written as μg. However, especially in the US it’s common to spell the unit microgram in short form as mcg. Read on to learn all about the conversion of mg to mcg, and make sure to check out our mass converter on this page.

Convert MG to MCG

In mg the m stands for milli (10-3), and in μg (mcg) the μ denotes micro (10-6). Therefore, the milligrams to micrograms formula is [mcg] = [mg] × 1000.

To convert mg to mcg simply multiply mass in mg by 1000, because both, the milligram as well as the microgram, are submultiples of the metric base unit of mass kilogram.

For example, if you have 3 milligrams then this mass is equivalent to 3000 micrograms. Doing mental arithmetic or by means of a calculator: 3 mg = 3 × 1000 mcg = 3000 mcg.

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Milligrams to Micrograms

It is important to note that except mainly for the United States of America, milligrams to micrograms is often spelled as milligrammes to microgrammes.

Using the International System of Units (SI) symbols, mg to mcg would be written as mg to μg; μ is the lowercase Greek letter Mu denoting a factor of one millionth.

Yet, as people sometimes seem to have difficulties typing the letter μ, many times they resort to typing ug to mg in the search engine of their liking as the “u” looks like the “μ”.

One g (gram) is one thousandth of a kg (kilogram), and one mg is one thousandth of a gram. As one mcg is one millionth of a gram, it follows that a mcg is one billionth of a kg.

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